Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Military Surplus Rifles for Fighting Zombies? Rifles with Style.

If you've gotta deal with zombies, get a rifle that accurate and stylish like this military surplus Swedish Mauser.

There are lots of classic military service rifles available as Military Surplus.  Sometimes military surplus rifles can use obscure ammunition, but in other cases you can buy surplus ammunition by the case load as well!

Here are some advantages that a military surplus rifle offers when fighting zombies:

1. Mounts a useful Zombie killing bayonet.
2. Heavy wooden stock and butt can be used as a club.
3. Fires powerful high velocity skull penetrating ammunition.
4. Highly accurate at long, stand off, ranges.
5. Very Rugged.

For some classic surplus rifle ideas, check out this article:

My Favorite Military Surplus Rifles

The Swedish Mauser is featured prominently in the zombie apocalypse novel:  Zombie Complex.

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