Sunday, February 7, 2016

Helmets and Headgear for the Zombie Apocalypse

The great comedian, Ron White, once said there should be two levels of homeland security alert:
1.  Get a Helmet
2.  Put on the damn Helmet.

Zombies Don't Shoot - Any helmet should help!
If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, you are definitely going to want to put the helmet on.  There are many options available and you can think outside the box when it comes to helmets.  Lots of sports from Lacrosse to field hockey to football and motocross require helmets.  The trick is to find one that fits and that is ventilated enough for long wear and exertion.

Photo By EdgarDiazRocks / Craig Farrar [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Football Helmet.  If Zombies are your primary concern, you may want to consider an American football helmet with full face guard.  This would be light weight and offer protection against bites to the head, ears, and face.  The face mask could also help prevent fingers from getting to the face.  However, zombies are unlikely to follow league rules on grabbing the face mask and they may get a good grip on it during close quarters combat.

Riot Helmet.  Alternatively, if you don't want to get jammed by dead decaying Zombie fingers, you could wear a riot helmet with a full face shield.  That would help protect you against direct pokes, bites to the face, and zombie drool.

Once you have a helmet, you might find it helpful if a tornado comes your way or if there is ever any civil unrest in your area.

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