Monday, February 22, 2016

The Advantages of Zombies in a Fight Against Humans

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Zombies have some advantages over the living.  But, the living can fight back and win.

Zombie Advantages in Hand-to-Hand Combat with Humans

Let's look at some of the advantages Zombies have in a fight:
  1. Zombies are relentless.
  2. Zombies feel no pain.
  3. Zombies don't get tired.
  4. Zombies are gross.
  5. Zombies hit harder.
Survivors should never forget that each of these advantages also comes with some tremendous disadvantages.  For example, Zombies may be relentless in coming straight at you in an attack, but they don't try to avoid obstacles.  They may not feel pain, but without pain there is nothing to prevent them from impaling themselves on a spike.

Photo By Arno roca' s eyes (ADAM-in-Blab-LA-ZOMBIE-by-ARNO-ROCA) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
While Zombies don't get tired, they also don't heal from wounds.  The Zombie you have to fight, may not even have full use of his hands or feet.  Another advantage of the Zombie over humans is purely psychological.  Yes, a Zombie may be training 10 feet of intestines behind him.  However, he may also lack the stomach muscles he needs to bend over and bite you!

Finally, Zombies do hit harder than humans.  Their strength isn't limited by pain or practical human concerns.  But, they don't really pick their targets well.  They'll hit any human in front of them without any conscious thought.  Consequently, they don't pick the most tactically advantageous targets.  Typically, the only get the humans that falter and fall before them.

By turning Zombie advantages into disadvantages, you can defeat them!  You can lead them into traps, spikes, barbed wire, pits, and more.  You can also direct your blows to their heads and necks.  While Zombies have advantages, you can win.

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