Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lessons from The Walking Dead: Trade Goods for Preppers

On a recent episode of The Walking Dead, (Knots Untie, Season 6, Episode 11) Rick Grimes and the survivors in Alexandria learned that there were other bastions of survivors and that trade with other communities was possible.  However, for Rick's group, the only thing that they could trade was their fighting ability.  This episode raises an interesting question for preppers.  Do you have anything to trade?

Two Good Trade Items for Preppers

Since preppers already have a stockpile of some much needed supplies, it would make sense that they would make good trade partners.  If you are prepping now, it might be worthwhile to have some extra supplies cached for trade purposes.  Meals, matches, batteries, weapons, and medical supplies will be in short supply during a zombie apocalypse.  Here are two items that preppers may want to use for trade purposes:

1.  Emergency Food Supplies. 

Many companies make emergency food supplies.  There foods can be stored for a long time and then broken out in case of an emergency to provide reasonably tasty meals.  For example, this Chef's Banquet  food supply provides enough food for a month (330 servings).

2. Water Filtration Straw.

With the breakdown of city water systems during an apocalyptic scenario, people will have to filter their own water for drinking.  The situation is made more complex if people are on the run.  This makes a water filtration straw like this LifeStraw very attractive.

When it comes to survival, you can't go wrong with food and water.  When it comes to trading supplies, these two items are always in demand.

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