Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Zombie Pranks - Milicent versus the Zombies

Convincing a Younger Sibling that Zombies Are Coming

The Zombies are coming!  The Zombies are coming!  In America, we have a long and proud tradition of pranking our younger siblings.  We convince our younger siblings that they were adopted, that they were dropped on the doorstep in a paper bag, or that they just got bit by the poisonous Kamungamunga Spider.  These guys convinced their little sister who was doped up from wisdom teeth surgery that the Zombie Apocalypse was in progress.  It's pretty funny:

These guys did a good job of controlling the situation.  I don't advise actually pulling this prank on anyone.  After all my little brother knew where we kept the machete and the baseball bat. 

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