Sunday, November 6, 2016

Creating a First Aid Kit for Your Car

It's common knowledge that every family should have a first aid kit.  But, few people realize that every family should actually have more than one.  When thinking about the threats that we actually face on any given day, I realized that the most immediate threats we face are encountered outside the home.  Outside the home, we face the threat of being injured in a motor vehicle accident or due to criminal assault.  We can be more prepared for these threats by having a first aid kit with us in our vehicle.  That's why I put together a first aid kit for our car.

Foundation for a First Aid Kit

My local Rite Aid drugstore had a special where you could get a free first aid bag simply by buying three Band Aid brand first aid products.  The empty bag served as my foundation.  However, it quickly grew.

Minor Wound Care

First, I added to it a large number of Band Aid brand bandages and some Neosporin that we bought.  The bandaids were part of the purchases I needed to make in order to get the bag for "free."  The cleansing wipes were from an earlier small first aid kit.  These items seem like a good start for handling minor cuts and lacerations.

I added some un-opened anti-itch cream that I had on hand, a rolled gauze bandage, and I picked up a pair of new tweezers from Dollar Tree.

Stop the Bleeding- Tourniquettes

Perhaps the most important thing that I added to my first aid kit was a pair of tourniquettes.  These TF Essentials tourniquettes were available on Amazon.  

Whether it's a Zombie apocalypse, a high speed crash, or a workplace shooting, some disasters can cause a lot of bleeding.  A tourniquette can help stop that bleed until first responders can take over.  The drawback to tourniquettes is that if left on for an extended period of time (say a couple of hours), the patient might end up losing their limb.

Stop the Bleeding-Bandages & Pads

To stop less severe bleeding, there is always direct pressure.  So I threw in some non-adherent pads to help with other cuts and lacerations.

Medications for Pain & Minor Medical Issues

Finally, not every first aid kit situation is life threatening.  I added some medications that will help with headaches, sprains, allergic reactions, upset stomachs, and diarrhea.  I chose brand name medications from the Dollar Tree for these situations.  I trust Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Imodium, and Pepto-bismal.

Hopefully, the most explosive situation that I'll need to deal with will be overindulgence in Mexican food.  But, I'll be ready.

Next Steps in the Evolution of My First Aid Kit

I'm not completely done with my first aid kit.  I'll plan to add some additional items.  So far, I plan to add the following:

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