Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are Zombies still human?

Zombies:  love 'em, hate 'em?  It doesn't matter.  They still want to rip you apart and eat you.  But, season 2, of AMC's television series, The Walking Dead, raised an interesting series of questions:
  • Are Zombies still human?
  • Are they still alive?
  • If they are living humans, do people have the right to kill them?
  • Is it murder to kill a zombie, when the world is facing a zombie apocalypse?

These are interesting philosophical questions.  Sometimes zombies can be a powerful metaphor for other things in our world.  When you toss the issues of a zombie fantasy world around, your thinking might shed light on aspects of the real world.  You can't think about zombie issues without reflecting on more important human issues like abortion, euthanasia, brain death, alzheimer's disease, and the death penalty. Give it some thought.  But, if the zombies are coming, keep your chainsaw close at hand!

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