Monday, December 26, 2011

Stop Zombies at the Front Door!

If there is one final place to stop Zombies, it is your front door.  Your home is your castle.  It's your citadel against all that is smelly, vile, and undead!  Hopefully your home has stout doors of steel or solid wood.  When fighting zombies, a solid door with good locks and a peephole is a lifesaver.  You don't want a glass door or a door flanked by windows that would allow wandering zombies to see inside your home.  Once you a safely inside, you'll want to barricade yourself in.  Heavy furniture can help block an entrance.  However, bulky items also make it tough to escape.

One thing I've used to keep roaming bands is the charley bar.   You can read my  review of the Masterlock Dual Function Door Security Bar.  It works well in keeping out burglars and unwanted maintenance people.

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