Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Zombie Movie Review - The Dead 2: India

I recently caught a Zombie Movie on the Sci Fi channel.  It was called The Dead 2:  India.  Set in India, the movie offers a unique perspective on a Zombie Apocalypse.  In The Dead 2, all the problems of a Zombie apocalypse are compounded by the problems of being in an unfamiliar country and a less developed country.

The main character, Nicholas, is an American engineer working as a contractor on a wind farm project in rural India.  When the Zombie infection spreads across the country, Nick has to get back to the big city of Mumbai and rescue his local girlfriend.  Along the way, he is befriended by a young orphan who serves as an able local guide.

The unlikely pair make their way 300 miles across a vast expanse of arid India, confronting zombies, soldiers, and thieves.  Meanwhile, the girlfriend and her parents are holed up in their a small home on the edge of the city slums as society disintegrates.  You can see the official trailer here:

I really enjoyed this movie.  It provided a glimpse of India and a fish out of water theme.  In a country like India that is literally teeming with people and not especially well armed people, you can really see how a Zombie infection would spread like wildfire.  The characters are generally short on firepower and have trouble getting a vehicle.  Instead of a typical American SUV, the characters have to ride in dinky little cars and later an old motorcycle.  It's interesting to see the adventure unfold for very sparsely equipped survivors.

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The makeup and special effects for The Dead 2 were not as high quality as those used in The Walking Dead.  However, as a viewer, I appreciated sensible limits on gore and realism.  The Zombies were certainly realistic and menacing enough to be more of a real threat than a comical one.

The Dead 2 was well-written and well-directed by Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford.  The plot moves quickly and is well-paced.  Overall, I definitely recommend you catch this one.

You can actually buy and watch the whole movie now on Amazon using supported devices.

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