Sunday, June 19, 2016

Zombie Recon - Determining Zombie Capabilities

We have many preconcieved notions about Zombies.  They are slow.  They eat brains.  They feel no pain.  They can't communicate.  They aren't able to think.  However, all of those notions are shaped by the movies.  Without an actual Zombie outbreak, our notions about Zombies are at best a hypothesis.  

That's where Zombie Recon comes into play.  In the event of a real Zombie Apocalypse, you are going to need to observe Zombies and see what their actual capabilities are.  You can gather intelligence by watching news footage, hearing survivor accounts, and by observing them in the wild.

Polish Soldier in Iraq, Photo By Airman 1st Class Matthew Plew ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Here are five things to look for:

1.  Movement Capabilities - Are Zombies fast or slow?  Take the time to watch Zombies and see how fast they move.  Can they sprint, run, jog, walk, or merely shuffle?

2.  Pain Perception
- In the movies, Zombies don't feel pain and can continually move towards primal objectives like food.  In an actual Zombie apocalypse, you are going to want to see that for yourself.

3.  Fine Motor Skills - Are Zombies really incapable of working a gate latch?  It something that any group of survivors will need to know.

4.  Tool Use - There is a group of indie film makers trying to fund a movie called Zombie with a Shotgun.  You should observe Zombies to make sure that they can't use tools or weapons.  If they can, that will change a lot of our assumptions about Zombies.

5.  Communications - We assume that Zombies can't communicate with the living or with each other.  We assume that they don't coordinate their activities or their attacks.  But, there was evidence of a Zombies having leaders and coordinating attacks in the movie I am Legend.  

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