Sunday, May 8, 2016

How to Avoid Zombies

When ammunition and medical supplies are scarce, you might not want to fight a Zombie.  Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid a Zombie attack.

Photo By Miran Hladnik [CC BY-SA 2.5 si (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hiding from Zombies

One way to avoid a Zombie attack is to hide.  Zombies are attracted to light, loud noises, and movement.  Some experts also believe that Zombies can smell the living.  To avoid attack, you'll want to take basic precautions like shuttering windows and killing the lights.  You can also improve your hiding skills by hiding somewhere where Zombies cannot see you and cannot reach you.  Unfortunately, if Zombies do surround your hiding place, they can linger for days.  The best hiding spots will afford you at least some avenue of escape like a back door.

Blending In With Zombies

In The Walking Dead, characters can sometimes avoid attack by covering themselves in viscera, entrails, and other really gross bloody garb in order to disguise their own bodies smells and blend in with Zombies.  It's a basic survival technique that the Army calls "Acting Like the Natives" in their famed Survival Manual.  However, no one really knows what capabilities and senses Zombies will have during an actual undead breakout.  If this Zombie avoidance technique does not work, you are well and truly screwed.  I don't recommend it except as a very desperate last resort.

Running From Zombies

Finally, another way to avoid Zombies is to run.  While we don't know how fast Zombies can move, we do know that they will not be thinking tactically.  If you are able to get out of their line of site, they will likely just keep moving towards your last location.  Giving the Zombies' inability to think tactically, if you run from Zombies, get out of their line of site and then make a sharp 90-degree turn in order to take a path that they will not think about.  The advantage of running from Zombies is that you do not get exposed to bites or scratches from Zombies and greatly reduce your chance of transforming into a Zombie yourself.

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