Sunday, May 22, 2016

What's the Best Weapon Against Zombie Attack?

What's the best weapon to use against Zombies?  

It's an age old question.  We can see the quiet effectiveness of Daryl's crossbow against Zombies in The Walking Dead.  However, it is slow to reload and doesn't have the firepower to stop a whole mob of rampaging zombies.  To use knives, bats, and other melee weapons, you have to be uncomfortably close to a zombie.  Firearms will put a Zombie down, but you have to be a good shot and the noise of each shot you take will attract even more zombies.

When it comes to Zombie killing, I think a mix of weapons is best.  You might want a scoped rifle for longer range shots, a handgun for close range situations, and a large knife.  Since only head shots will stop a Zombie, you need a precision weapon or perhaps a weapon that you can be precise with.  But, before you even think of handling weapons, you better know the safety rules and get some professional training.

Perhaps the best weapon is the weapon close by when the Zombies show up.  Here is some advice on the matter from the interwebs:

I think I may have just found the ultimate anti-Zombie weapon.  It might be the tomahawk.  It provides extra reach and the ability to split skulls.  It can also be used to get through doors and break windows.  Mine arrives soon and I'll let you know what I think.  In the meantime, here is a field test of a similar tomahawk.

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